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Italian weather considerations and the best time of year to visit Italy.
Italian weather - Il tempo italiano

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Magellan's - Business Travel GearWeather-wise, the best time of year to visit Italy is during the months of September and October, along with April and May.   During September and October, the nights tend to get cool with mild days and the fall fashions in high gear.   Of course if you like the new life of spring when flowers being to bloom, then a visit in April or May is in order.

The summers can be extremely hot with temperatures often in the mid 90's especially in the south.   However, it tends to be not as humid as you would find during the summer in the United States.

The winters in Italy can also be very cold and rainy especially in the north around Milan.   In the south, the winters tend to be mild with snow occurring on rare occasions especially in Sicily.

The table below indicates the average temperature and rainfall in select cities (from North to South).

  January April July October
Temp (Fahrenheit) 36 55 73 57
Rainfall (Inches) 2.5 3.2 2.7 3.9
  January April July October
Temp (Fahrenheit) 45 57 76 62
Rainfall (Inches) 2.3 3.0 1.5 2.6
  January April July October
Temp (Fahrenheit) 55 61 80 71
Rainfall (Inches) 1.7 1.2 .1 2.3

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