Turin Practicalities


Turin (Torino) travel tips, quick guide, etc.

Getting There

International Airport: Caselle, or Sandro Pertini Airport (TRN)
Phone (011) 56.76.361 or 56.76.362
Highway: A4: Turin - Milan - Venice
  A5: Turin - Ivrea - Aosta
  A21: Turin - Asti - Genoa
  A32: Turin - France
Bus Station: Corso Vittorio Emanuele / Corso Inghilterra
Bus Phone: (011) 43.32.525
By Train: Main Station: Porta Nuova
  Many daily trains to Milan, Rome and Venice
  Other Station: Porta Susa
Approx train times 2 hours from Milan / 6 hours from Rome
Train Tickets: RailEurope.com

From Airport to Town
Bus shuttle (Sadem Line) every 30 - 45 min. to downtown
Taxi About 30 - 40 for 30 min. to downtown

Turin Hotels
Peak season: book ahead for Easter to September, Christmas
Most economical hotels: By Via Nizza (sleazy section)
better hotels: Porta Nuova, next to Piazza Carlo Felice
also reasonable: Piazza Castello
  Book a hotel in Turin
Getting Around
Do not drive! Try "a piedi", or by foot
Po River Snakes around Eastern edge
Most sights North of Porta Nuova to Piazza Castello
Subway (Metro) www.MetroTorino.it
Taxis Can be expensive
City bus system: GTT bus line - excellent system
Trams Great way to get around
Buses & Trams Run from 5AM to Midnight

Food - Mangia Mangia!
Cheap restaurants: Around Train station
Morning Market Piazza della Repubblica
Regional Cuisine: Butter, cream and cheese dishes
  Pasta, chocolate and breadsticks ("grissini")
  Gianduiotto - chocolate hazelnut paste
  Bicerin - chocolate, coffe and milk drink
  Zabaglione - pastry delicacy (cream, sugar, marsala)
  Agnolotti, Cappelletti, Bagna Cauda (winter dish)

Local Wines
  Heavy emphasis on red
  Try Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and Nebbiolo
Shopping Districts
Via Roma High fashion, boutiques, etc.
Via Garibaldi Good clothing, funky shops, fine caffe's
Antiques Try Via Maria Vottoria, or
  Via Della Rocca, or
  Via Principe Amedeo
Porta Palazzo Largest open-air market in Europe
  Go to Piazza della Repubblica

What to see
Shroud of Turin Duomo di San Giovanni and the Sacra Sindone
Car museum FIAT, Alfa Romeo, etc
Egyptian Museum Over 30,000 artifacts dating from 6th Cent. B.C.
Basilica di Superga On top of a hill on NE side of city
  Adjacent park offers great view of Turin
Mole Antonelliana One of Europe's largest brick buildings
  Was once the largest building in world
For movie buffs (Museum) Museo Nazionale del Cinema
Feast of San Giovanni Honoring the patron saint of Turin, June 23 - 24
  Featuring parade, canoe race Po River, fireworks
Soccer Home of the famous Juventus soccer team
  Also home of the Turin soccer team
Parco del Valentino Beautiful park along the Po River
  Also has a castle, botanical garden and Borgo Medievale
Turin Nightlife
Along Po River Bars and restaurants, crowded on weekends
  near Parco del Valentino
Average Temps
January 40 Fahrenheit, or 4 Celsius
April 59 Fahrenheit, or 15 Celsius
July 77 Fahrenheit, or 25 Celsius
October 57 Fahrenheit, or 14 Celsius

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