Best investment in a cookbook
by Larry Gabriele - Orange City, FL

We just received the "Preserving Our Italian Heritage" cook book yesterday.   Last night I sat down and flipped through it.   All I can say that it is clearly the best investment I've ever made in a cook book.   The cookie section alone is worth the money.   There are recipes in there that I recognize having when I was a child, and haven't been able to find them since.   Unfortunately, all the cooks (my mother, and my aunts) in the family are all gone now and I haven't seen another Italian cook book with those cookie recipes in them.   Yours has them.   I might have known that the only way to get some of those old recipes is to go to the "home chefs" themselves.   I am grateful.

Family Feud
by Gina Balletti - Livingston, NJ

I received the Preserving our Italian Heritage Cookbook and I love it.   There is just one problem, my sister and mother are both fighting over it, I just may have to order 2 more!

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