Italian Americans of the 20th Century Message from the Editor

The history of Italian Americans in the 20th century is by far its richest and most extensive phase. There is no field, no profession, no craft, in the last one hundred years in America that has not been touched by the skill, artistry, and care of Italian immigrants and their succeeding generations.
Italian Americans have produced much change and innovation in the arts, architecture, AIDS research, banking, business, ballet, engineering, fashion design, film, genetics, education, journalism, management, music, opera, painting, religion, sculpting, space administration, sports, technology, and a host of other areas.
Italian Americans have to their credit numerous Emmy, Golden Globe, Obi, and Tony Award winners as well as many Pulitzer Prize winners in the arts, and Nobel Prize recipients in the sciences. Italian Americans have also been known to have generously given of their time, talent, and financial help to charitable organizations throughout the world.
With the possible exception of the impact made by Columbus in the last decade of the 15th century, the 20th century has been the most significant for Italian Americans as they have become acknowledged in all fields of endeavor.
Whether from behind the baseball bat of Joe DiMaggio at Yankee Stadium or from behind Wall Street's big board with Richard Grasso at the helm, Italian Americans have earned their day in the sun.
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