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Italy Epiphany Celebrations (January 6th) 

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One of the major events taking place in Italy near January 6th is the celebration regarding the Epiphany. The Epiphany is a celebration of the 12th day of Christmas where the Three Wise Men brought gifts to baby Jesus in the manger.

In Italy, this legend is also added with the story of La Befana who flies around and delivers gifts to the children sleeping on the night of January 5th. On the actual day of January 6th, there are quite a few celebrations taking place across the country, and if you and your group gets a chance, one should definitely take advantage of one of the celebrations!

In Venice, on the 6th, there is a large regatta, or boat race, along with a festival in the town of Urbania (see below). Two other major celebrations take place in the Vatican, where the Pope leads everyone in a prayer and also in Milan, where there is a parade from the Duomo.

Mark your calendars if you plan on staying Italy past New Year's Day.....the Epiphany celebrations are not something to be missed!!

Below are some more Epiphany festivals of interest that will take place in Italy during the first week of January:

Festa Nazionale Della Befana
A flying Befana
Urbania, Italy

3-6 January 2006 (Every year)

Four days of festivities including music, markets and street celebrations, Befana races on wooden go-carts, etc. takes place in Urbania. This is probably Italy’s biggest celebration regarding la Befana.

Bordonaro, Sicily
January 6

In the small Sicilian town of Bordonaro during Epiphany, locals will erect a Pagghiaru, or an Epiphany tree covered with fruit and bread, with a six-foot high cross on top. All of these goodies are up for grabs at the end of the mass. Very festive atmosphere, theatrical performances, etc.

Witches on the Grand Canal
Venice, Italy
January 6

50 men dressed in Befana (Epiphany Witches) costumes will race on the Grand Canal paddling from San Toma to the Rialto Bridge, which proudly hangs an Epiphany stocking.

Piana degli Albanesi (Sicily)

January 6

Epiphany festival – Nestled in the beautiful Sicilian countryside about 15 miles south of Palermo, lies a little town with a heavy Albanian influence (many of the natives still speak it). During the Epiphany, this town celebrates its ancient and religious traditions with a nice little festival.

Befana Benefica, Milan

January 6

A befana motorcycle procession in Milan where they had out gifts to children. Read more about Befana Benefica.

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Italy Epiphany Celebrations (January 6th) 
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